Brazil - Elcotour | Launa Dux |

We are very happy with the collaboration with destinations Unlimited. We have been partners of Destinations Unlimited for a few years now and have received new requests every months and some of them have resulted in good business. Destinations Unlimited is a reliable company and we have only compliments.

Conceptours - Greece | Byron Argiri |

Conceptours has been the selected Greek DMC member of destination UNLIMITED, UK, for more than 15 years, and Nikki Mitchell, at the helm of DU, and her fine team have consistently given us complete satisfaction. There is no adjective emphatic enough to define the professionalism and 'hands-on' attitude of Nikki Mitchell

CPO Hanser - Germany | Katrin Suchi |

We have been working with destinations UNLIMITED for a very long time and are more than happy for this successful co-operation. I can highly recommend dU, they are the best option for DMC representations in the UK. Very established and well known in the UK.

Destination Kenya | |

"It is all systems go this weekend, as Toyota UK start their Kenya programme. Thanks and credit goes to you for the early work in securing this business". Thank you dU Team. Much appreciated.

Intercontinental Travel Company (ITC) - Italy | Vittorio Marsiglio | Chairman & CEO

"I have known Nikki Mitchell since 15 years ago. She represents Intercontinental Travel Company since 1980. Very very successfully. Prior to Nikki, we were represented by another company that we saw no business. Since Nikki has taken over our representation, our Company received a lot of contacts and business. And on top of that, her follow up is extraordinary".

ITB DMC - Spain | Olga Navarro |

We are founding members of the DU Portfolio, together for 25 years. They know what they’re doing, they’re very well connected and with a consistent sales plan in place, and they do a good follow up on every lead.

Mazurkas Travel - Poland | Marta Kickler |

Working with Nikki and dU Team is a real pleasure for me..precision, professionalism, in depth knowledge of the market and its clients, perfect networking skills, visible results, great support!

Metropolis Incentives - France (North) | Paola Fedriga |

“Nikki has a perfect knowledge of her business and is very professional. Nikki and her team are passionately dedicated to their work and for them clients always come first. We are regularly monitored by them and this motivate us to be always at the top to match the quality they guarantee.” Nikki knows well the UK market and many clients rely on, destinations UNLIMITED for information and as a good and reliable company. We have been working with her for many years and we are very happy of our cooperation."

SASPO - Latin America | | Managing Director

"Your new company structure certainly makes impressive reading and I have passed it on to the Saspo partners, as I feel that the most important items for them are your paragraphs about the state of the market. There does certainly seem rather a lot of nervousness in companies at present concerning the future. Technology is the way forward and I think the changes you have made are excellent." Thank you for always keeping us informed and for all the support and hard work. It is a pleasure for us to work with such professionals. I hope one day that Saspo will be as organised technically!"

Wallace Travel - Ireland | Derek Wallace | Managing Director

"Many thanks for all your help over the past year. Our UK business has gone from 5th to 3rd and now 2nd biggest market in the past 3 years. It is still a good bit away from the US total, but clearly is a vitally significant market for us".