Chill Out Beach Party in Aqaba or Dead Sea
Dead Sea Cocktail Reception
Dinner in Front a Nabataea Temple in Petra
Fortress Themed Gala Dinner
Jeep Activity with Lunch
Dinner in the Jerash
Lunch in Bedouin Tent by the Canyon of Mujib
Off Road Jeep Fun
Piano Player in Wadi Rum
Sunset Cocktail Reception
Trio on the Train
Wadi Rum Lunch Under Bedouin Tent

A partner to world travellers seeking to explore the wonders of our country - Jordan. As a specialist in handling incentives, conferences, meetings, corporate groups, exhibitions and congresses; creativity and attention to detail is our motto. We work to the highest standards of excellence. Established by an energetic and professional team who have over 30 years of experience in the travel business, we are devoted to what we do and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure your clients have a truly memorable reward in Jordan.

P.O. Box 926 316
Amman 11190
Tel:+ 962 6 4631 654

Ms Ghada Najjar - Managing Director / Mr Raja Sharayha - Director Sales and Congresses / Mr Salem Batmani - Director Sales and Marketing


Company   -   Karma House

The professional incentive and conference organiser is always looking for new, innovative, interesting and exciting destination's. New destination's are not always immediately apparent and when they are discovered they normally lack quality hotels and other essential services, including both an understanding of our specialised market and the need to provide a reliable service.

Jordan not only has an abundance of fascinating options to equal any of the world's great incentive travel destination's, it also surprisingly has the infrastructure to ensure your clients experience the high standard of hotels, transport and cuisine that they have come to expect.

Interest abounds, from the world famous hidden rose-red city of Petra, to Jerash - the best preserved Greco-Roman City in the world, the experience of a Desert Camel Race or a Treasure Hunt, a Four Wheel Drive Desert Safari and the abundant night-life in Amman.  Karma House's imagination can also provide you with a 'BARBECUE BELOW SEA LEVEL', when you relax on a secluded Dead Sea beach, dressed in a specially monogrammed dishdash (a floor-length shirt).  Or enjoy the unique sensation of floating in the Dead Sea and a meal served under a genuine Bedouin tent, including a non-obligatory after-dinner smoke on a Narjileh (water-pipe).

Experience travelling in the 'FOOTSTEPS OF LAWRENCE OF ARABIA', ride the Hidjaz steam train in style, including a full breakfast or open-bar onboard. Take lunch on the platform of Jiza Station or amidst the ruins of an old Ottoman fort. On your return, the train can be 'ambushed' and everyone taken by 'force' to enjoy Arabic coffee and tea to help wash down the fresh dates and Turkish Delight or worse still, an 'enforced' champagne stop!

Karma House Team has been formed to help establish Jordan as one of the major incentive destination's. They guarantee to provide you with a custom-made programme to suit most budgets.

The reaction from those incentive and conference organisers that have experienced Jordan is one of total surprise at the quality of every facet of the Jordanian product and the understanding of the needs of the incentive organiser by all suppliers.

It was all summed up in the simple statement 'How has it remained such a well kept secret for so long?' Now you can share in one of the best kept secrets in incentive and conference travel.

Contact us and be both surprised and delighted.

Jordan Tourism Guidebook for Corona Virus



Incentive Travel - The reasons are infinite...

Only a few places in the world offer you diversity of options when it comes to your incentive travel programmes and conference locations. Whether you seek adventure of a different kind, or simply seek a modern venue to host your next corporate meeting, Jordan is the place for you.  With programmes regularly updated to add excitement to your group’s experience and fully equipped banquet halls able to accommodate thousands at once.

Jordan has always been a safe haven. We believe that it is one of the most unique destination's in the world, from the hospitality of its people, to the rich biblical and historical sites.


DMC Programme Ideas

DAY 1 
On arrival all groups are met air-side by a representative of Karma House, who will arrange for visas to be issued to the group. 
On arrival at your chosen hotel there is ample time for a welcome drink and a buffet dinner.

DAY 2 
American Breakfast at your chosen hotel. 
Depart the hotel for the short 45 minute drive to Jerash, situated to the Northwest of Amman. 
Continue thereafter to the nearby castle at Ajlun. 
Lunch is served in one of the hotel's high vaulted candlelit rooms in the Saracen Fort of Al-Rabad, prior to your return to your Hotel. 
Depart the hotel to visit the Dead Sea - the lowest spot on earth. On arrival at a private beach area, you will find a tented dining area and musicians awaiting you, as you experience the amazing sensation of floating in the water. 
Cocktails are enjoyed as the sun sets over the arid mountains, opposite where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. This is followed by a relaxing dinner prepared by the hotel's catering.

DAY 3 
American Breakfast at your chosen hotel. 
Depart for Petra via the King's Highway, visiting en route Madaba and Mount Nebo. 
A luxurious picnic lunch is provided at Wadi Mujib's 'Eagles Point', with its stunning view over the valley below. 
Continue towards the Rose-Red City of Petra where a welcome drink awaits you around the pool of your hotel, followed by a barbecue style dinner in the caves of Beidah (Little Petra). 
Overnight at your chosen hotel.

DAY 4 
Buffet breakfast at your chosen hotel. 
The visit to the ancient Nabatean Capital of Petra starts on horseback, taking a leisurely trek up to the Siq (the sole entrance and exit to the city). 
Buffet lunch in Petra. 
Return to your Amman hotel via the Desert Highway. 
Depart for dinner and shopping at the walled village of Kan Zaman.

DAY 5 
Transfer to Al-Mahatta train station to board the famous 'Lawrence of Arabia' steam train for a full buffet breakfast on board, along with musical entertainment. Arrive at the Turkish train station, Al-Jiza, located next to the airport. Luggage is transferred seperately by baggage van to the airport.


Suggested Sightseeing

This is a city of many faces; the Citadel Hill affords a panorama of the old city with the Roman amphitheatre nestled among urban sprawl in the valley below. A visit to the amphitheatre in the heart of the city is a must; you can also visit the Museum of Popular Tradition and the Folklore Museum. Amman is a perfect base from which to explore the fascinating sights Jordan has to offer.

This is the most famous attraction in Jordan. It is literally carved out of craggy rocks and is fortified behind a narrow, deep siq (gorge) that slowly winds through a massive rock wall.  As you emerge into the sunlight, Petra appears suddenly in front of you as if out of a story book.

Situated just outside Amman is one of the best preserved Roman ruins to be found anywhere. There is much to see, such as the great oval forum, outlined with dome columns approached by what is now termed the Street of Columns. There are two public baths, three theatres and a hippodrome.

Overlooking the Dead Sea, this is where you can see the scenes where Moses sliced the ground to bring forth water. The Church at Mt. Nebo is believed to be built over Moses' burial site.

The Village dates back to 19th Century, offering the opportunity to wander through the cobbled alleys and experience the typical Jordanian culture, craftsmanship and cuisine.

The route T.E. Lawrence and Sherif Hussein took in World War 1 when fighting the Ottoman armies. Made famous by David Lean's film Lawrence of Arabia, this stunningly beautiful area is still patrolled by police on camels rather than horses or jeeps. Wadi Rum is a perfect place to visit or explore in 4-wheel drive vehicles, to share the experience of the desert with several Bedouin tribes that still live here.

The Dea Sea offers a scenery of unique natural beauty which humankind did not create, but can constantly enjoy. Take a swim where it is impossible to sink; why not read a newspaper while floating on the water?! The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at 400 metres below sea level.


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Travel from East to West, your choice of five meal stations with deliciously presented food bringing together five nations of the World at your table. From Italian pasta to Szechuan delights, Byriani specialities to Enchiladas. Your wish is your dish.

Feel like Sultans surrounded by a Harem of belly dancers performing before you, while you are enjoyably sipping your wine and feasting on traditional home-made cuisine.

Enjoy a full buffet breakfast, open bar or afternoon tea on one of the original steam trains of the Lawrence of Arabia era. Why not stop off for lunch or dinner on the deserted platform of Jiza station or amidst the ruins of Dabaa, an Ottoman fort that housed the garrison who protected the railways. On the return be waylaid by a hoard of raiding Bedouins and be taken back to their tent in the desert to enjoy Arabic coffee, dates, Turkish delights and cool sparkling champagne.


Convention Centres

No of rooms: 4
Capacity of Largest: 400 pax

No of rooms: Auditorium , 8 Breakout rooms, 3 Exibition Halls each seating (800 - 1000 pax)
Capacity of Largest: 100 pax


Situated right next to the Mariott Hotel & Movenpick. 
No of Rooms: Four Halls - one holding 3000 pax / one holding 700 pax / two holding 400 pax

As well as the various meeting and conference spaces available at most above-mentioned hotels.


A Few Extra Touches


Something Different

Join the victory of Salah Eddin Al-Ayoubi and his troops for a typical meal at Al-Rabad Castle in Ajloun. 

An Arabic setting in one of the castle's rooms, lit with candles. Enjoy typical Arabic Mezze and salads along with assorted meats which are grilled on a charcoal fire. Taste freshly-baked shrak bread prepared in front of you by a Bedouin lady while listening to the sound of a flute being played by an old Bedouin man.

Do you know how to swim? Well, we challenge you to try it in the Dead Sea!! Experience a new sensation as you float on the water's surface at the lowest point in the world. After showering, sit on cushions around a low Arabic style table under a Bedouin tent, set on the seashore. An assortment of salads and mezze are served on the table while our chefs are preparing your selection of meats on a charcoal grill. Accompanied by the sound of the oud (similar to the bouzouki) and the tableh (a local bongo), the possibility of a camel ride presents itself too. 

For the strong at heart, puff away at an arjileh (water pipe), while sipping our freshly brewed Bedouin coffee.

Arriving at the so-called home of T. E. Lawrence, we are greeted by the Bedouins and their waiting jeeps to take us inside the desert to areas which history and nature have played a great role in forming. Experience the different magical sand colours, as the sun sets over the majestic rocky mountains. 

In this beautiful setting, a Champagne cocktail is served by waiters in bow ties and white gloves as the sun sets for the night.  Bidding the sun farewell is the Jordanian Army Philharmonic Orchestra, comprising of about 25-30 members,  The guests will be seated on mattresses covered with oriental rugs overlooking the orchestra and the high mountain behind. 

Special lighting will be directed on the mountain behind the orchestra bringing out a magical view of nature, surrounded by the natural echo of the music. The lighting system is computer controlled and is changeable according to the music played. 

The classical concert will entertain for about 60 minutes (or as preferred) with pieces from Strauss, Bizet, Mozart, in addition to a couple of local or eastern classical pieces. 

The concert will be followed by a sumptuous dinner, fully catered by the accompanying hotel of your choice.  During dinner, musical entertainment will be provided by a hi-fi system playing an array of musical pieces.

Imagine … You arrive at the entrance of a path, lit only by candlelight and are taken through an especially-constructed wall of rugs and then lead you to a special area, where you can see a beautiful Nabatean monument, brightly lit against the darkness of the night. 

Music and cocktails are served, as are deliciously-prepared canapés. 

The sound of the flute from amidst the rocks captures your attention as a flutist greets you. 

You make your return via the same route back to the place you entered … only to find a complete set-up of tables and chairs on special carpeting, with waiters bidding you to be seated for a finely-prepared seated gala dinner. Leave all the intricate details to us to take care of and to ensure a most memorable evening under the star-lit skies of Jordan. 

To end the dinner, what better than a magical display of fireworks, just above your heads, lighting up the skies of Petra and Beidah!

Transfer back to the hotel for overnight.


Welcome Gifts


Specialist Groups

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