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Atlantik DMC is a well-established Destination Management Company, based in Reykjavik, Iceland and are family-owned and managed, with an ambitious incentive team aiming for perfection. Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with “local secrets” and hidden locations, whilst ensuring the highest possible service levels at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money. Our rates are competitive, but we place our service and quality as a priority over the lowest possible price on the market. Specialising in conferences, incentives, meetings and corporate events, we place great emphasis on our project managers’ on-site presence at all times during project operations.

Sudurlandsbraut 4a
108 Reykjavik
Tel:+354 575 9900

Mr Hjalti Rafn Gunnarsson  - Manager MICE

General Information

Specialise InIncentives, Meetings, Product Launches, Events, Conferences, Special Interest Groups, Hotel Bookings
Capital Reykjavík
Members ofIATA
GMT Difference 1
Online weekly weather View Online weekly weather link
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AirportsKeflavik International Airport
CurrencyIcelandic krona (ISK)
LanguageGerman, English, Icelandic, Nordic Languages
Population 317,351


Company   -   Atlantik DMC

Atlantik DMC is a well-established Destination Management Company; family-owned and managed, with an ambitious incentive team aiming for perfection. The incentive team members are highly experienced in all matters concerning the operation of Incentives, Meetings, Events, Product Launches, Conferences and Special Interest Groups.

Our team experts place great emphasis on offering innovative and creative programmes, with “local secrets” and hard-to-find locations, while ensuring the highest possible service level at all times. Our business strategy is based on a commitment to quality and value for money. Our rates are competitive, but we put our service and quality as a priority over and above the lowest possible price on the market.

We are small enough to care, but also big enough to handle even the most ambitious programs. We put great emphasis on our project managers’ on-site presence at all times during project operations. With that principle, we can ensure a seamless management of our innovative programs, while the guests can focus on their unforgettable experience in our magical country.



Visiting Iceland, with its unspoiled natural environment, in some places still being formed by volcanoes, glaciers and water, is an unforgettable adventure. But what makes Iceland special is the fine balance between the awesome, untouched landscape and the most modern of conveniences.  This is the main reason why Iceland is the key destination for business travellers, whether they are hosting a meeting or incentive tour. No complicated calculations are necessary to see that Iceland is located centrally between Europe and North America. Seminars are frequently held in Iceland, taking advantage of state-of-the-art meeting facilities. In fact, you will be amazed at how technologically advanced Iceland is. In Reykjavík and the surrounding areas you will find elegant hotels and excellent restaurants with their own special atmosphere and fine cuisine. Not to be forgotten is Reykjavik's exciting nightlife. It has long been said that Icelanders are particularly good at enjoying themselves and they bloom for visiting tourists.

Iceland COVID 19 Update


DMC Programme Ideas

VIP PROGRAMME FOR 10 Pax / 3 Days - A truly exclusive adventure in Iceland  - A three day VIP programme in the South

Day 1 – Arrival with a difference

Afternoon arrival to Iceland.  A little “blast from the past” moment when a renovated coach from the 1960s welcomes the guests at the airport.
En route from the airport, we surprise the guests with a welcome at the seaside in Reykjavík, where a woman dressed in traditional Icelandic costume offers a glass of an Icelandic elixir. We continue to the exclusive boutique hotel in downtown Reykjavík; the 101 hotel, for check-in.
After some time spent at leisure, we bring the guests to the main square in Reykjavík for a dinner at the famous Borg restaurant. A stunning mix of vintage and modern brought together by an ever-changing menu filled with dazzling surprises. The kitchen is run by award-winning chef and co-owner Chef Volundur Volundarson who has worked in top restaurants all over the world.(Listed on Condé Nast Hot Table List).
By late evening, we bring in our exclusive nightlife guides, who know all the best locales in the night scene in Reykjavík. With  our VIP passes, our guests are guaranteed priority entry into all the best places.

Day 2 – To the glacier in style!

When staying only 3 days in Iceland, you want to make the most of every hour. Guests will be taken from Reykjavík straight to the glaciers in a VIP helicopter. The view is amazing, while the flight takes them by the shoreline of the south, with majestic mountains on one side and the Westman Islands on the other. Black sand beaches, the roaring North Atlantic Ocean and green fields provide an amazing contrast in colour.

At the landing on the glacier, the snowmobiles await the guests. After a journey on the snowmobiles, a champagne apéritif is offered in the white wilderness of the glacier, before a delicous buffet lunch on tables carved into the glacier. We carve out seats for our guests and line them with reindeer fur for extra comfort. The lunch is accompanied with outstanding white wine, chilled by carving a natural cooler in the glacier.

After the lunch, our guests will see our Super 4X4 vehicles approach on the glacier, to bring them from the glacier to the black sand beaches for a little “sand-safari”.

Late afternoon, our guests arrive at the very exclusive country hotel; Hótel Rangá, where they can relax in one of the hotel’s hot tubs, overlooking one of Iceland’s most popular salmon rivers.  

This hotel offers outstanding suites in the hotel’s “World Pavillion” where each suite represents one of earth’s continents.  The hotel boasts an excellent top quality restaurant, where Icelandic produce is turned into culinary delights.

Day 3 – Private whale watching and deep sea fishing

Since Hótel Rangá is located some 100km's away from Reykjavík, we waste no time and fly our guests by private plane from a neighbouring airfield to Reykjavík airport. Once in Reykjavík, they board a small and exclusive boat for a private whale watching and deep-sea fishing tour.

On the way, we sail to Puffin Island, where we can enjoy watching the many thousands of puffins nesting in the cliffs of this small island. These colourful birds have become the symbol of Iceland all around the world.  Once out at sea, when not on the lookout for the whales, the guests can try their luck with deep-sea fishing, which usually gives ample results. A light lunch is served onboard, as well as a farewell cocktail. 

Back at the port in Reykjavík, our coach awaits our guests to bring them to the airport for their departing flight.

What an amazing 3-day adventure in the land of contrasts!

PROGRAMME FOR 25 Pax / 4 Days


Hótel Borg - Four Stars

Hotel Borg combines old-time elegance with modern style in the heart of Iceland’s capital.

Built in 1930 and restored to its original Art Deco style in 2006, 4-star Hotel Borg is a showcase of sophistication. All 56 rooms have custom-made furniture and fittings with modern amenities including flat-screen satellite TV and high-speed internet connections. For an extra touch of luxury, there are 7 suites and a two-floor Tower Suite with a magnificent 360° view.

The Borg restaurant is a stunning mix of vintage and modern brought together by an ever-changing menu filled with dazzling surprises. The kitchen is run by award-winning chef and co-owner Chef Volundur Volundarson who has worked in top restaurants all over the world.

The Golden Room offers a unique ambience for banquets, meetings and receptions, and other rooms are available with a full range of conference facilities.

Hotel Borg is so much more than just a 4-star hotel. It’s an experience in its own right, with character, soul and style. The exciting blend of traditional and modern that Iceland is famous for.

ALTERNATIVE: Radisson SAS 1919 Hotel - Four Stars

Located in the very heart of Reykjavík’s downtown you find a beautiful new superior 4 star boutique hotel, in one of the city's most beautiful historic buildings, built in the year 1919.  Opened in April 2005, this beautifully decorated hotel with 70 rooms, features standard and deluxe rooms, and junior suites. As one of Reykjavík’s most exclusive downtown hotels, it is ideal for both business and leisure, with first class services for their clients.

The restaurant - Gullfoss, is a very trendy and modern restaurant, managed by one of Iceland's favourite chefs. Transportation during the whole trip.

4x4 description - Super Jeeps

Nowhere but in Iceland will you find vehicles like those we use for our travels today. Crafted for uniquely tough conditions, even a term to describe them had to be invented. “Supertrucks” are the result of decades of insular technical innovation and evolution, from tinkering with old army Jeeps to get further up hill, to our hand-built monsters equally at home crossing Antarctica, the wild Icelandic Highlands – or the highway.

Each vehicle is custom built with up to three separate transmissions, two separate steering systems, fully in-cab adjustable four corner air suspension, fully lockable differentials, up to 7.3 litre turbocharged engines, an array of radio equipment, marine-type satellite navigation...   Oh, and the biggest available road legal tyres in the world!

A Supertruck is only ever piloted by a trained professional (usually the owner) who knows not only the extreme limits of his/her machine, but that the full might of that megabuck truck is applicable only with care and knowledge of the sensitive Icelandic sub-Arctic Nature.

The vehicles we offer are the following:


07:00 - Luxury Arrival Transfer in Monster trucks to hotel in Reykjavík via Blue Lagoon and panoramic drive afterwards.

Arrival in Keflavik International Airport where the guide and the drivers of super 4x4 vehicles meet the group.

The jeeps take you out into the lava field, to one of the most powerful man-made steam vents in the country. The Power Plant feeding the Blue Lagoon is connected to two geothermal bore holes that produce steam only, and to five bore holes that produce a mixture of steam and water and the extraction of geothermal fluids from the reservoir (steam and water) totals 6-7 million tons per year.  Here you really get the feel of the power lurking under Iceland!

Our next stop in Iceland is the famous Blue Lagoon in its otherworldly lava surroundings, where we will reside for a couple of hours for the bathing of your lifetime, enjoying the luxurious comfort of the warm lagoon water. The Blue Lagoon will be open exclusively for the group! (It only opens at 10 o'clock for the public).

Around 09:00, a delicious breakfast will be served for the group.

A special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail can be served during the bath - a great way to get into the group spirit at the beginning of the trip.

After this amazing experience, we won't take the easy way back to Reykjavik. We'll take full advantage of the amazing vehicle we are in and take you for a scenic drive  – winding our way amongst the spongy moss covered lava fields, both recent & ancient, to the fishing village of Grindavík.

Onwards, to the multicoloured deposits from the hot springs of Krísuvík where we stop for a short walk amongst boiling mud pools & the hissing of steam vents. We make another short stop at the photogenic Grænavatn or “green water”. As its name suggests, this explosion crater houses a lake of the most vivid green.

After that, we head towards the Blue mountains & Lake Kleifarvatn. The landscape must be seen to be believed...

The tuffstone mountains, reflected in the waters of the lake, give an eerie stillness and one can quite easily understand how folk tales tell of serpent-like monsters dwelling in the depths of the blue darkness.

Then it will be time to get to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, to check-in at your hotel.

13:00 - Lunch in a private room:

The Seafood Grill restaurant, as you can tell by the name, The Seafood grill emphasizes on fresh Icelandic sea products. The young chef, Gústav, was awarded the title ,Chef of the year 2010. Gústav came up with a menu like no other, Gústav's Interpretation of the collective grill taste of his homeland, Iceland.

Type of cuisine: Icelandic/ Mediterranean/ Healthly

Distance from Centre: 0 km
Private dining available
14:30 - Afternoon at leisure in Reykjavík or relaxing at the hotel.
The rest of the day at leisure to enjoy the numerous shops, handcraft boutiques, galleries, cafés and in the street life in general. Why not join the locals and invigorate your spirits with a visit to one of the eight geothermally heated outdoor swimming pools?

20:00 Dinner at Fish Market - walking distance from the downtown hotels.

Fish Market is Reykjavik’s most recent addition to the restaurant scene. The restaurant is located in one of Reykjavik’s oldest house, which has been renovated in a stylish manner. The restaurant features mainly Icelandic fish products, with Asian flair, but meat is also available on the menu.

Fishmarket recommends the tasting menu that Hrefna Rósa Sætran and her team have created from the best that Fish Market has to offer.
Rather than offering individual starters and main courses, Fish Market serves dishes that are designed for sharing and are brought to the table steadily and continuously throughout the meal.A culinary experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Type of cuisine: Icelandic with Asian influence
Distance from Centre: 0 km

Professional nightlife guide for 3 evenings

To make sure the doors of all clubs and bars will always stand open for our group, we will hire professional 'nightlife guides' that will accompany the group everywhere and make sure that they get in anywhere they want without queuing. A real VIP treatment!

Theses guides are professional party people who know all the great places and will make sure our group will have the time of their life in Reykjavik.


09:00 4x4 - South Shore - Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

We start this day by following the south coast enroute to Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. We’ll drive past Seljalandsfoss Waterfall and a bit further along the coast, driving under the famous Eyjafjöll to Skógafoss; a waterfall that tumbles over high rock escarpments. On we go to the mountain track that leads us to the edge of the magnificent glacier. An interesting option is to enjoy an open-air seafood buffet on the glacier for lunch (weather permitting.)

Once at the glacier we gear up and mount the snowscooters to drive away into the “wilderness”, enjoying both the nature and the thrilling driving experience! The view from the glacier on a clear day is unforgettable.

Again, on with the jeeps, we head to the black beach facing the Atlantic Ocean where we can try out the Super Jeeps and have a black sand jeep safari.

11:30 Snowmobile Safari on Mýrdalsjökull Glacier.

Do not leave Iceland without experiencing a glacier!

A glacier is an astonishing thing to experience and through decades of experience we have built up the most eye-popping tours you will experience anywhere. Both geographical knowledge and expert guidance can be expected as standard with us. Take a ride to the top of the world on a snowmobile and see the amazing Sólheimajökull from above the larger Mýrdalsjökull Glacier.

We provide you with everything you need for a safe and comfortable ride to your destination - protective overalls, boots, gloves and helmets are provided and we make sure that there is always a pot of fresh brewed mountain coffee waiting for travellers at the mountain hut, by the roots of Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

LUNCH - Great seafood buffet or BBQ served on the glacier after the snowscooter safari.

Who says you need a formal restaurant to enjoy lunch or dinner in Iceland?  An excellent idea is to enjoy catering services on the glacier, in the remote valley, or in a mountain hut.  A wide variety of choices at various prices:

Dinner at Við Fjöruborðið - By the Seaside - jeeps waiting for group during dinner.

The Seashore Restaurant in the village of Stokkseyri is an enchanting and people have to tear themselves away from it! 

Type of cuisine: Icelandic lobster
Distance from Reykjavík: 55 km


The Golden Circle is undoubtedly one of the highlights in a visit to Iceland. It covers the most historical sites in the country - a lake filled crater, spouting geyser, hot springs, glacial river waterfall, greenhouse industry and beautiful scenery on the way.

After only a 15-minute drive from the hotel in Reykjavík, the tour takes place across the countryside, crossing the mountain plateau of Hellisheidi, covered by post-glacial lava fields, for a visit to the village of Hveragerdi. This community has been built around hot springs and the harnessed geothermal power has permitted a greenhouse industry in which flowers, vegetables, fruits and exotic plants flourish under glass.

Onwards to Kerid, a lake-filled extinct volcanic crater.

From Kerid, proceeding to Geysir. Here are hot springs in abundance, and the geyser "Strokkur", which spouts every few minutes, shooting columns of piping hot water up to 20m (60 feet).

From there we go to one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe - Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall). Here you will see thousands of tons of icy water thunder majestically cascading down into a deep gorge; a very powerful sight.

On our way to Reykjavík we will make a short stop at Þingvellir national park - a remarkable geological phenomena and the most important historical site in Iceland. Þingvellir, situated by the largest lake in Iceland called Þingvallavatn, is the site of the world's oldest democratic parliament, founded in the year 930.

The beautiful canyon running through the park is actually the meeting point of two of the earth's tectonic plates and the area's combination of natural phenomena and historical significance make it inseparable from the fabric of Icelandic national life. In 2004 the site of Þingvellir was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

09:30 4x4 - Golden Circle (Geysir - Gullfoss - Þingvellir).

13:00 Lunch at Hotel Geysir.

The restaurant offers dining area on two floors, overlooking the famous Geysir area.

16:00 Mountain Safari is a great quad bike/ATV tour

Mountain Safari is a great quad bike/ATV tour in the vicinity of Reykjavík. Explore the peaceful, scenic outback of the capital city of Iceland on quad bikes. Mountain Safari is ideal for beginners, and those who want to try something new while enjoying the outdoors. Exploring the backcountry of Reykjavík has now been made accessible for everyone in a safe and fun matter.

20:00 Dinner at Perlan - The Pearl

Inside a huge glass dome, on top of six silvery hot-water tanks, sits the Pearl. The Pearl regularly plays host to presidential and royal dinner parties as well as catering to the public, with superb cuisine and a spectacular panoramic view of Reykjavík and beyond, as the restaurant gently completes a full rotation every two hours.

Type of cuisine: Haute cuisine.
Distance from Centre: 1,2 km.


10:00 Hangover killer! Morning at Laugar Spa.

In Laugar Spa you enter an aquatic heaven where you can indulge both body and soul. Seven different saunas and steam rooms are available, each one with a different theme, where you can experience soul of nature, a starry night sky and inhale different aromas. Soothe tired limbs in the Thalasso therapy Jacuzzi, rejuvenate the feet in a special foot-bath, switch between hot and cold showers in special cubicle or enjoy delicious food and drink in one of the three restaurants on the premises.

The six-metre-wide waterfall shows the unique design features of one of Iceland’s most prominent artists. His artwork and sculptures in soft granite makes the whole spa experience aesthetically perfect. In between beauty and massage treatments, chill out in the relaxation room (which features a huge central fireplace), shut your eyes and forget all your worries.

The bright and spacious gym contains the best in state-of-the-art fitness equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. All the guests can enjoy swimming, as admission to Laugardalslaug outdoor and indoor swimming pool with different whirlpools etc, is included in the fee.

13:30 - Lunch at the Laugarspa Restaurant after the spa.

Laugar Café is an excellent place for companies and other groups to come to enjoy food and drink, use the meeting facilities and second floor function room, as well as visit the Spa and have a meal together in the Spa restaurant. The restaurant offers a varied menu of food and wine. We can also offer group menus if you so wish, and we offer tapas, which has been very popular. 

Laugar Café has a café bar with a view over the Laugardalur Swimming Pools. Our guests can enjoy delicious drinks while choosing from a selection of magazines or reading a good book. 
Above all, Laugar Café is an accessible café, open to everyone, and a great place to rest your bones after a nice walk in Laugardalur, a refreshing swim, sweating it out in the gym or having had a nice relaxing time in Laugar Spa.

14:30 Departure Transfer to Keflavík Airport in Super Jeeps.

The Super Jeep drivers will go and pick up your luggage at the hotel while you are relaxing at Laugarspa and will be waiting for you outside of the spa to take you to the airport for your flight back home.


Suggested Sightseeing

4x4  Super Trucks

4x4 - Þórsmörk  "Valley of Thor" & Mýrdalsjökull Glacier

We leave Reykjavík early morning with our super 4X4 vehicles, heading for Thórsmörk Valley - a beautiful nature reserve situated between three glaciers. The valley of Thórsmörk - the realm of the Thunder God Thor - is considered to be one of the pearls of the Icelandic nature. In the shelter of three glaciers, a most glorious oasis has been formed. This magnificent valley is only accessible by 4X4, due to the unbridged glacial rivers we have to pass to get there. 
Many short walking / hiking tours are also available in Þórsmörk, e.g. a hike into Stakkholtsgjá.

Again, on with the jeeps to the beautiful Waterfall Seljalandsfoss, where we make a stop for a short walk behind the waterfall before continuing to Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. We drive past the waterfall - Skógafoss - and on we head to the mountain track that leads us to the edge of the magnificent glacier.

Once at the glacier we gear up and mount the snow scooters. The view from the glacier on a clear day is unforgettable.

After the glacier experience we head to the black beach facing the Atlantic Ocean where we can try out the super jeeps and enjoy a black sand jeep safari; a “must” experience!

Before returning towards Reykjavík in the late afternoon, we stop at the tall and gracious waterfall Skógafoss, which tumbles over high rock escarpments.

4x4 - Golden Circle (Geysir - Gullfoss - Þingvellir)

The Golden Circle is undoubtedly one of the highlights of a visit to Iceland. 

During the Golden Circle visit, we can “spice up" the itinerary with a number of exciting activities, such as quad bikes (available all year), horse riding (all year), river rafting (may-sept), snowmobiles (all year) and teambuilding games (all year) etc.

After only a 15-minute drive from the hotel in Reykjavík we find ourselves in the countryside, crossing the mountain plateau of Hellisheidi, covered by post-glacial lava fields, followed with passing by the village of Hveragerdi. This community has been built around hot springs and the harnessed geothermal power has permitted a greenhouse industry in which flowers, vegetables, fruits and exotic plants flourish under glass. 

Onwards to the Geysir area. Here are hot springs in abundance, and the geyser "Strokkur" spouts every few minutes, shooting columns of piping hot water up to 20m (60 feet).  From there we go to one of the most impressive waterfall in Europe; Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall). Here you will see thousands of tons of icy water cascading majestically down. 

On our way to Reykjavík we will stop at Thingvellir National Park - a remarkable geological phenomena and the most important historical site in Iceland.

Self-Drive Super 4X4 adventure  on  Reykjanes peninsula
The peninsula to the south-west of Reykjavík, called Reykjanes, is geologically very young. Everywhere on this peninsula you can see signs of volcanic activity, such as huge black lava fields still barely colonized by vegetation, impressive strata volcanoes and hot mud springs. You will experience a harsh landscape on the one hand and on the other hand, interesting and special Icelandic ways of living with this landscape and taking advantage of its power.

The activity:

The event has 3 purposes; team building, discovering what makes Iceland special and some history of the Icelanders and imagination and fun.

The group will be split into teams (4-5 persons/team) and their aim is to find their way around the Reykjanes Peninsula by using the “Road Book” and a map. There will be 6-7 different locations, and at each location the team must find answers to questions, get pictures for evidence or do some kind of a challenge. 
The length of the total activity can last a full day (approx 8 hours).

A Taste of Iceland - Borgarfjörður
From Reykjavik we drive north along the fiords of Hvalfjordur and Borgarfjordur fjords. Our first tasty stop of the day is at Deildartunguhver, one of Europe’s biggest hot springs. We boil some eggs in the boiling hot water, as it bubbles out of the ground, and eat them with the dark rye bread baked in hot springs. With this we toast with Icelandic wine.

Then it’s time to head towards the waterfalls of Hraunfossar, where the water pours out from under the lava, and Barnafoss. After admiring the waterfalls we try out some edible Icelandic plants, such as Iceland moss, seaweed, angelica, and more as we get to know their medicinal properties. We even get the secret recipe of the “sorcerer’s lupine root drink”.

Next, we get back in our vehicles and the next destination is Langjokull, Iceland’s second biggest glacier. We change vehicles and glide across the glacier on snowscooters.

We then make a toast with the one and only “Mysa” Viking power drink; best enjoyed cold. On the glacier lunch is waiting on a table cut from the ice; grilled Icelandic lamb and other delicacies, served with Icelandic beer.

Next, we head back to our jeeps and drive over the mountain pass of Kaldidalur to Thingvellir, the ancient site of the parliament. This is a very special place, not only for its role in Iceland’s history, but also because of its geology, for this is one of few places on Earth where you can see how the earth is torn apart on the mid-Atlantic rift.

Once there we have a look at this historical site right in the middle of the mid-Atlantic rift and then it’s time for our last “tasty stop”: A buffet of different foods that have been marinated, dried or smoked. The chef serves this with Icelandic wines and spirits.

With our heads spinning from all these different tastes we now head back towards Reykjavik, arriving there late afternoon.

Iceland Extreme
This full-day adventure is both fun and challenging (without requiring any prior skills or experience).

The group is picked up from the hotel by super-trucks in the early hours of the morning.

Our first stop is Thingvellir National Park. Here the teams will start to collect points by beginning their first assignment.

The teams will go into one of the big faults and choose one of the members to abseil down about 10m (with professional help). An envelope is waiting somewhere along the way. Inside the envelope there is a puzzle that needs to be solved and they will also get a message that they will need to decode, as it is written in runes (Old Icelandic alphabet).

The next task is located nearby. The group is asked to help with a rescue mission, where they will have to organise how they will get the job done and how to search the area. When they find the wounded person they have to make a stretcher out of the material found nearby and get him/her to where the trucks are parked. Arriving there they see that four of the trucks have a flat 38” tire that has to be changed before the tour can continue.

When all the trucks are in top form again the groups are taken to Lyngdalsheidi Moor, given helmets and lights and taken into a cave. Should the exit from the cave be snowed-in they will get shovels to dig themselves out.

Lunch is an outdoor forest feast with grilled lamb, beer and wine.

After lunch it’s time for the ultimate “Viking test”. We get wet in the North Atlantic Ocean, but to get the blood running again after this chilling experience we have a taste of cured shark with a shot of Brennivin, also called Black Death.

The group drives to Hellisheidi Heath now for some off-road action on the thousand lake route. The last task is to boil eggs in a hot spring and eat them!

By then it is time to head back to Reykjavik, arriving there late afternoon.

The winning team will get a prize during dinner in the evening.


Arctic Waters - Snorkeling & Rafting
Snorkeling in Silfra & River Rafting in Hvítá glacier river.

Trip difficulty 2 / 5

We start the day with a snorkeling exploration of the Silfra fissure. Silfra, which is situated in the heart of Thingvellir National Park, is an otherworldly scene. The crystal clear water in the deep fissure gives you a feeling of being weightless as you float down with the lazy current. It is also worth mentioning that the Silfra lies on the rift between the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia and the rugged underwater view of the lava field is something you will have to see to believe!

From the National Park we drive to Drumbó base camp where we enjoy lunch before we gear up for rafting on the white water river of Hvítá.

The river has a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. We raft for 7 kilometres and at one point participants get the option to jump from a cliff into the river. For those looking for extra action the option of white water canoeing is available.

Hot tubs and sauna after the rafting is also included.

Available: June to September (depending on weather).

Black & Blue - caving & snorkeling
Caving & snorkeling in Thingvellir National Park.

Trip difficulty 2 / 5.

We start with the black as we explore the hidden world of the lava field under the Thingvellir National Park. Walking in a cave and discovering the marvels that volcanic activity has created in the past is a trip that everyone can undertake. The Gjábakkahellir cave is a perfect example of an Icelandic lava tube and is situated in one of the most active volcanic areas in the world. After the cave we dine on a packed lunch before moving on into the blue...

Snorkeling in the Silfra is our second adventure. The Silfra fissure is one of Iceland’s best-kept secrets, an otherworldly scene that is world famous for its heavenly shades of blue. 

The Black & Blue is an amazing trip, a true journey to the borders of reality and dreams.

Available: June to September (depending on weather).

Trilogy - Icelandic Workout!
The group will be picked up by their private coaches and guides and driven to the lake of Hvaleyrarvatn, situated approx. 10 km from Reykjavík.  Once there the group is split up into 3 teams and each team starts with different challenges: Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding & Caving Adventure.

Group A – starts with Biking, then Caving and at last Riding.
Group B – starts with Riding, then Biking and at last Caving.
Group C – starts with Caving, then Riding and at last Biking.

Putting a competitive edge to the activities is always an option, with various ideas for prizes (valuable prizes and/or humorous options).

In the end the whole group will meet at the riding centre’s restaurant for afternoon refreshments before heading back the hotel.

RiverFun (Rafting on Hvítá River)
An activity which gets the adrenaline running, without requiring any prior experience or extra fitness!

The Hvítá glacial river is a beautiful and fun river located in the south of Iceland. For over 20 years the RiverFun rafting trip has been Iceland´s most popular adventure activity. The river has a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. As we pass through the magnificent Brúarhlöð canyon, participants have the option of jumping from a cliff into the river. No one should leave Iceland without experiencing the power that its rivers contain and lay eyes on the scenic canyons of Hvítá River.

Note: No pre-knowledge of the sport required.

RiverRide - Canoeing on Hvítá
Canoeing is a the perfect activity if you are looking for a hands-on adventure out in the Icelandic nature. The canoes are inflated and selfbailing, meaning that they do not fill with water and are easy to manouever. Two people sit together in the canoe and steer it, meanwile a guide in a kayak makes sure everything is safe and sound. We paddle down the Hvítá glacial river which has a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids. We travel for 7 kilometers and at one point participants get the option of jumping from a cliff into the river. We only recommend this trip to those looking for action and who are in good physical condition. The RiverRide is a great action trip, especially for those with some experience in rafting.

Available: May to October (depending on weather). Minimum Age: 16 years. Bring with you: A warm sweater, swimwear and a towel. No knowledge of the sport is required.

Note: Canoeing is very often booked for groups where some have never rafted before and others have rafted often, i.e. some persons want adrenaline but others a scenic ride. In those cases, a part of the group can raft and the others can canoe the same route down Hvítá river.

Fjord Serenity - Sea Kayaking
This trip will take you kayaking on the serene and beautiful Hvalfjörður fjord. This deep fjord is framed by mountains that stretch from the sea up to more than 1000 metres. The kayaks are stable and easy to use. You do not need prior experience since your guide will teach you the technique on location. We paddle along the coast and enjoy the magnificent views. Then we take to the shore and relax in the quiet Icelandic countryside, enjoying some light refreshments and stoic vistas.

What is kayaking?
Our kayaks are Dagger Exodus, the best open water kayaks available. They are closed boats so no water gets into them.

You glide peacefully through the water, your paddle strokes. You will be wearing a lifejacket; a specially made dry jacket and wet pants that will keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions. Almost anyone can go paddling with us. Our guides will teach you everything you need to know. They will also paddle with you and are always in reach should anything happen or even if you simply have a question about the scenery!

Available: May to September (depending on weather). Minimum Age: 12 years. Bring with you: Warm outdoor clothing i.e. fleece sweater and pants, change of clothing and swimwear. No knowledge of the sport required.

4x4 - Arrival in Keflavík - Blue Lagoon - Kayaking - Reykjavík

Arrival at Keflavik international airport where the guide and the drivers of  the 4X4 super-trucks meet the group.

Our next stop in Iceland is the famous Blue Lagoon, where a special “Blue Lagoon” cocktail can be served - a great way to get into the group spirit at the beginning of the trip.

Applying white Silica mud on the face and body is for many an essential part of the Blue Lagoon experience. The silica is offered in especially designed wooden boxes placed by the lagoon creating an easy access to this natural ingredient.

After the refreshing bath we follow the coastline, winding our way amongst the spongy moss covered lava fields, both recent and ancient, to the small village of Stokkseyri - stopping for photo opportunities along the way.

In Stokkseyri we will try the skills of the group and have great fun by kayaking....(optional, see separate description). After each participant has demonstrated their natural kayaking talent we head towards the black beach facing the Atlantic Ocean and have a short stop on the beach where often seals can be spotted and if the weather is nice....a delicious Seafood buffet on the beach. We can also choose from one of the many restaurants located next to the Atlantic Ocean.

After having enjoyed our dinner it is time to find our way to Reykjavík, to get checked in at the hotel.

Photography Marathon

The group is divided into smaller groups and each is given 8-12 projects, together with a single-use camera loaded with a 12-exposure roll of film (or digital camera if budget allows). Each group has to agree on how best to carry out the assigned projects.

For example, they may have to photograph speed, truth, youth, emotion, romance, etc. They can also photograph places, things, and natural phenomena. The time for completing the projects is limited and requires team brainstorming to come up with good ideas. Prizes can be provided for the best set of  pictures, the best individual picture, and the best ideas.


The Lava Fields of the Reykjanes Peninsula

In only a 45 min drive from Reykjavik, adventure awaits. The Lava Fields of the Reykjanes Peninsula are the ideal area for exciting and unique quad bike tours. The ideal ending to a great quad bike tour is of course a visit to the wonderful Blue Lagoon.

Blue Ice Walking

Would you like to explore a glacier? And we mean really, really explore a glacier! This trip takes you to the frozen glacial tongue that is Sólheimajökull. It is an otherworldly scene, a rugged, raw and ever-changing hub of ancient frozen water. Walk on the glacier and observe the spectacular surroundings. We will provide you with all the tools you need; ice axes, crampons and safety lines. 

On this trip you get to see and do what most of the population will only ever dream about and very few will ever try. Why not be adventurous and explore the amazing crawling glacier?

As we drive back to Reykjavik we will stop at the beautiful Skógafoss Waterfall. 
Available: All year (depending on weather).

Horseback Riding
The history of the Icelandic horse can be traced all the way back to the settlement of the country in the late 9th century. Vikings who settled in Iceland brought with them their horses of various origins. Due to the isolation of Iceland, this stock remained pure while it was crossbred elsewhere. The Icelandic horse is pure-bred and unique today, over a thousand years after first coming to the land of fire and ice.

The Icelandic horse has played a vital role in its home country from the beginning. In heathen times the horse was highly regarded and renowned in Norse mythology, playing a big part in Norse mythological stories. Several Norse gods and their enemies, the giants, owned them.  The most famous of all these mythological horses was Sleipnir, the eight-footed pacer.  The influence of the Norse myths is still visible, as many riding clubs bear names of mythical horses, as do herds of horses in modern Iceland.

The horse is often mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas as well, still playing a vital role, this time in the warfare of the Viking period. To a serious warrior a good horse was indispensable. Great horses were treated with much respect and sometimes slain warriors would be buried alongside their mount.

And now it is your turn to get to know the Vikings best friend; the Icelandic Horse.  It is small, strong, sure-footed, and extremely friendly.  We will enjoy their company for 1 – 2 hours, riding in the beautiful surroundings – an experience you will late forget!

Everyone is provided with helmets, boots and overalls if needed. A professional instructor informs and demontrates to the group through the riding tour.

Snowmobile Safari at Langjökull glacier.
Langjökull glacier is located north of Gullfoss waterfall. It is ideal to add the snowmobile adventure to a Golden Circle excursion, thanks to the location of the glacier.

Snowmobiles are great fun and easy to operate. Our snowmobiles are two-seat touring sleds with hand warmer and high windshield. All participants are provided with all necessary gear, such as warm overalls, helmets, boots, and gloves. You can choose between a dual or single ride. A valid driving licence is required to operate a snowmobile. Snowmobiles are operated on glaciers during summer and in mountains in the vicinity of the glacier during winter.

Snowmobile rides are always subject to weather conditions. We put our guests’ safety first – and reserve the right to cancel the activity in bad weather.

Whale Watching from Reykjavík
Whale watching in Iceland can be a thrilling experience, since the North Atlantic Sea hosts whales in abundance!

As the voyage begins, passengers are given information about the various species that may be seen on the trip. Excitement soon grips both crew and passengers on the look-out for whales "blowing" or lifting their tails. No two trips are ever the same and consequently there is always a feeling of great excitement and anticipation. Minke whales are seen on virtually every excursion, with some spectacular sightings over the past couple of years. On one occasion there were no fewer than fifteen minkes around the boat, some almost within touching distance, lying on their sides spy hopping and generally taking an interest in the enthralled whale watchers on board! Among the larger whales, Humpbacks are the most common, but species such as Sei Whales, Fin Whales and even the mighty Blue Whales have been spotted. White beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises are also common in the area.

During the month of July, bird lovers will also enjoy spotting puffins, seagulls, skuas, gannets, artic terns, fulmars, kittiwakes and eider ducks.  These can usually all be seen at this time of the year.

Duration: 3-4 hours


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives

Fire and Ice
Since Iceland is a land of contrasts and a number of the activities are either related to our glaciers or our volcanic mountains, what better theme than FIRE AND ICE is appropriate for the Gala Night? We can create the right atmosphere with cooperation from Production companies, experts in props, lighting, sound and entertainment.

Pure Water
Water is everywhere in Iceland, in our glaciers, rivers and waterfalls, all around our island, and of course in the snow and rain that Iceland is so famous for. We can create a water-theme in almost any venue, in it’s icy form or liquid. This theme is ideal for events which are aimed at costmetic, pharmaceutical, medical and food producing industries, since it accentuates purity and health.

Viking Theme
Going back to our roots, a viking theme can be ideal for either en entire incentive program or for an evening. We work with event specialists who bring in viking props and costumes, and the guests are encouraged to take full part in the entertainment, with the motto that the vikings worked hard but partied even harder.....

Mystic Theme
You might have heard of Icelanders being both superstitious, and known to believe in Trolls, Elfs and Gnomes. Well, we do! We have a very strong tradition of beliefs, and we can bring this world to your evening. We’ll set up an evening focusing on the mystic side of Iceland and the Icelanders, with creatures from the other world, prophets and clairvoyants, as well as fortune telling with the help of traditional runes.

Now to more contemporary and/or international themes.......

Secret Mission parties
The Gala night to focus on award ceremonies for various missions which may have been assigned to the group members, such as James Bond themes, Super 4X4 self drive rallies, survival challenges in the rough Icelandic nature, or any team-enhancing mission we may think of. Our combined imagination is the only limit.


Convention Centres


Harpa, New Concert And Conference Hall In Reykjavik
Main Concert/Conference Hall - 1,800 People
Conference Hall - 750 People
Rehearsal Hall - 450 People
13 Other Conference Rooms In Various Sizes
Situated In The Old Harbor Between Reykjavik City Centre And The North Atlantik, The New Icelandic National Convert And Conference Centre, Harpa, Stands Out As A Unique Landmark In Constant Interplay With Its Surroundings.  The Design Is Influenced By Iceland's Exceptional And Dramatic Nature. The Glass Facade That Covers The Entire Building Is Designed By The Renowned Visual Artist Ólafur Elíasson. Harpa Features The Best Facilities For Conferences, Conventions And Trade Shows, Promotional Events And Meetings For Large Organisations And Companies.
Laugardalshöll Sports Hall4 Conference Rooms - 75-144 PeopleLaugardalur Stadium
5 Conference Rooms -  40-700 People

Hotel conference facilities

Name of hotel                      No. of rooms              Capacity
Hilton Reykjavík Nordica          10                                10 - 644
Grand Hótel Reykjavík             15                                  8 - 470
Icelandair Reykjavik Natura     14                                  4 - 420
Radisson Blu Hótel Saga         13                                 12 - 400


A Few Extra Touches


Welcome Gifts


Specialist Groups

Bird Watching
Iceland has an amazing variety of both local and migrant birds. A total of 369 species of birds have been recorded in Iceland. The months of May and June are ideal for bird watching, with a number nesting in Iceland, while others are only on a rest stop in Iceland.

Golf Tours
Iceland is not one of the first countries that come into mind when thinking of golf, but you might be surprised at the number of golf courses you can find in Iceland, and the quality of the courses and clubhouses. Iceland can offer an amazing variety of golf courses, from courses set amidst lave formation in the inland area, to courses that have borders with the roaring North Atlantic Sea. There are 65 golf courses in Iceland, and 15 of them are 18 hole. You can play golf at midnight in summer, or in the snow in winter (with colored golf balls).

Photography Tours
Iceland is a haven for photographers, with its fantastic nature, crisp and unpolluted air, and a contrast and variety in colour like no other. We can provide the professional experts with our network of professional photographers.

Geology Tour
It is said that Iceland is a live textbook of geology, with its active volcanoes, landscape still in formation, roaring glacier rivers, open fissures and frequent earthquakes. A Geology tour in Iceland is a life-changing experience.

Design and Fashion Tour
Current trends in Icelandic architecture, interior design, music and fashion reflect the dynamic forces that have shaped culture and industry in this country. A tour which is focused on what is happening in today’s scene of fashion, design and art is so much more than you’d expect.

Will research into any specialist Group.

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