Arinex have offices throughout Australia, and are an award-winning destination management company who are experts in developing and executing extraordinary inspiring programmes, focusing on meticulous pre-event planning, and programe delivery, complemented by extensive destination knowledge. We customise every proposal to our clients’ requirements and budget, and ensure they receive that all important ‘wow’ factor for both Australia and New Zealand. Our services include assistance in organising; Incentives, Conferences, Meetings, Conventions, Event Management, Healthcare Meetings and also Pharmaceutical Events.


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Arinex is an award-winning destination management company who are experts in developing and executing extraordinary, memorable and inspiring programs for our clients.

We customise every proposal to our clients’ requirements and budget with a focus on meticulous pre-event planning and program delivery. Our extensive knowledge across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji ensures attendees encounter local experiences to immerse themselves in the unique cultural environments.

We are experts in incentives, award nights, meetings and events and will work collaboratively to make your next experience remarkable. Whether you need specialist support for accommodation, group tours and activities or a bespoke incentive program or technology solution that is sure to impress, Arinex has the creativity and expertise to bring your vision to life.

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New Zealand's awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven for many outdoor activities; and a great place to unwind. 

New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural; and the honesty, friendliness, and openness of Kiwis will impress you. The great advantage of New Zealand is that all of its diverse physical, cultural, and artistic landscapes are so close to each other!

For about 70 million years New Zealand has been separate from other land masses and for all but the last 1500 years, it has been uninhabited by humans. During that long isolation, unique forests and plant communities developed and ancient plants survived long after they had disappeared from the rest of the world. Some ancient and primitive animals also found a sanctuary in New Zealand.

New Zealand is a young land with perhaps the youngest human culture in the world. In the time since the world began, New Zealand's emergence from the sea accounts for only a couple of yesterdays and it was the last land to be discovered and settled. The impact on the landscape of the first race here, the Maori, was limited and only in the last 100 years or so has the arrival of the Europeans substantially altered the primeval nature of the country.

The land is the prime source of New Zealand's wealth. It is one of the most productive pastoral countries on earth and its industrial history is short, beginning in a significant way around World War II and broadening into major projects only in the last couple of decades. It is still mostly a country of forest and open farmland, with high hills and higher mountains ever present in the background. Great natural beauty, small towns, modest cities, few people and an egalitarian democracy give it an air of unhurried prosperity. To say it has many elements of a South Seas paradise is not to overstate its virtues.

New Zealand is remarkable for the elegant stairways of terraces flanking the large valleys of both islands. New Zealanders like to say that their country offers so much scenic variety that there is nothing to be seen anywhere in the world which cannot be seen here.


DMC Programme Ideas


On arrival into Auckland, you will be met by a tour representative and transferred by luxury coach to your city hotel. Enjoy an orientation tour of Auckland, including the white sand beaches of Okahu Bay, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St. Heliers, Waitemata Harbour, the Domain Parks & Gardens, Parnell and Westhaven Marina.

Dine at Orbit Restaurant, with its spectacular revolving view of Auckland from the top of Sky Tower and delicious New Zealand cuisine and wines. At 328 metres (more than a thousand feet) it's the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. On a clear day it offers breathtaking views for more than eighty kilometres in every direction.

Auckland has been named the "City of Sails" and no visit would be complete without a sailing adventure on the harbour. With three huge harbours and a gulf full of islands, the Auckland region is as much about the sea as it is about land. Enjoy a hands-on experience sailing in the fast lane onboard a genuine America's Cup racing yacht. Passengers become the crew and are encouraged to participate. This is the ideal activity in Auckland: 'City of Sails' and 'Home of the America's Cup'.

Our harbour experience continues with a short ferry transfer to Waiheke Island. Waiheke Island has beautiful beaches, native bush, vineyards, olive groves and laidback seaside villages. The climate of Waiheke Island, usually several degrees warmer than Auckland city, is ideal for wine production. Enjoy lunch at one of the award winning vineyards, and spend the remainder of the afternoon exploring the islands' vineyards and scenery.

Tonight, enjoy dinner at Hammerheads Seafood Restaurant, situated along Tamaki Drive, right on the Auckland waterfront. With stunning views from its covered deck and art deco windows, the spacious restaurant is the perfect place for dinner and drinks after a day on the water. Sample New Zealand's world famous seafood and wines at one of Auckland's leading restaurants.

West of Auckland, there are no limits to the untamed beaches, native bush, superb hospitality and fine wines on offer. Visit the Waimauku Valley and have lunch at The Hunting Lodge. Enjoy fine dining in a delightful 130 year old colonial cottage, set amidst gardens and vineyards and overlooking the beautiful Waikoukou Valley in Waimauku, 35 minutes northwest of Auckland city. Experience award-winning chefs' country fare and New Zealand cuisine; and wallow in the lovely old-time ambience of a gracious home

Following lunch, travel to Muriwai Beach while viewing the spectacular westcoast scenery and take a close-up view of the gannet colony (in residence October to April).

Queenstown is a place where history, magnificent scenery and natural attractions are accompanied by thrilling action for adventure-seekers and leisurely relaxation for pleasure-seekers. Though the early miners struggled with the mountain ranges, winter snowfalls, raging rivers and scorching summers, it is these attractions that provide recreation and adventure that makes Queenstown such an exciting destination today.

The town of Queenstown rests in the shelter of Queenstown Bay at the junction of the south and central arms of Lake Wakatipu. The Z-shaped lake is 77.2 kilometres long and covers an area of 293km.sq. making it New Zealand's third largest lake after Lake Taupo in the North Island and Lake Te Anau, its neighbour. It is 4.8 kilometres across at its widest point and plunges to a depth of 379 meters - which is 68 metres below sea level.

Queenstown Hill, 900 metres high, provides a view of the lake. The "Remarkables" rise up beyond the Frankton arm, and swinging west toward Eyre Mountains, the Cecil and Walter Peaks stand out. The "Remarkables" are a sierra-like range rising steeply above the eastern side of the south arm of Lake Wakatipu.

On arrival into Queenstown, board your luxury motor coach for a brief orientation tour of the township. A colourful town with a colourful past, its clusters, down to its little square bay and its miniature wharves are still as though welcoming boatloads of gold prospectors.

Queenstown was originally established as a sheep station. It mushroomed into a township during the Wakatipu gold rush of the 1860's. Coronet Peak above Queenstown is the country's best known and most heavily patronised ski field in New Zealand.  Ride on the Skyline Gondolas, which will carry you up the cableway to Bob's Peak, for magnificent vistas over the stunning surrounds.

This evening we take a special cruise to Walter Peak High Country Farm, located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Here we gain a fascinating insight into New Zealand high country life. Enjoy high country hospitality and a barbecue dinner, featuring the best of New Zealand meats and seafood, along with fresh vegetables and garden salads. You may well find the dessert specialities hard to resist!

An entertaining after-dinner show provides a glimpse into farming life. On your return, cruise to Queenstown, relax with a drink from the bar or join a lively sing-a-long.

This morning our adrenalin activities begin. This is the only way to experience Shotover River Rafting in winter, as well as summer! Climb aboard a jet-turbine-powered helicopter for a spectacular flight up Skippers Canyon, the site of one of the world's richest gold strikes. The flight pushes your adrenalin level to the edge with a rollercoaster ride through the Canyon.

Rafting from Deep Creek over peaceful waters at first, we head toward the exhilarating rapids of the lower Canyon, experiencing the memorable rapids Rock Garden, Sharks Fin, Toilet, Pinball, Jaws, Sequel and the unforgettable 170m Oxenbridge Tunnel, followed closely by Cascade Rapid.

On arrival back in Queenstown enjoy lunch at the King George V Coronation Bathhouse. The Bathhouse Restaurant, as it's known, is situated right on the shore of beautiful Lake Wakatipu. Originally built to commemorate the coronation of King George the Fifth, the bathhouse was renovated in 1997 and has been reformed to its former grandeur as a charming restaurant and café. Large beachfront windows now provide stunning views of the lake towards Walter Peak, and boats bob in the gentle breeze. Steamer chairs sit invitingly on the boardwalk, and inside there is a cosy conservatory feel, with the glass, metal furniture and painted wood.

Following an action-packed morning enjoy a leisurely lunch and time to explore Queenstown.

Gibbston Valley is one of New Zealand's leading boutique wine producers. At a latitude of 45 south, the winery is the southmost wine making region in the world. Unique to the winery is New Zealand's largest and most innovative wine cave. The cave's constant humidity and temperature provide a perfect haven for the maturation of award winning wines.

Transfer via motor coach to Gibbston Valley. Upon arrival the Gibbston Valley Monks will invite you into the Cave! The 'Brothers' will meet guests as the bells toll and Gregorian Chants echo from within. Inside the cave, participate in an informative and interesting tour of the Wine Cave followed by wine tasting of some of the very fine award winning local wines. Deep underground you will be hosted by experienced wine experts, in the candlelit surrounds, where the caves are at a constant temperature of 13 - 14 degrees. Sample a selection of wines accompanied by antipasto platters.

From the cave, move to the restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. A strong emphasis is placed on fresh local produce and ingredients with the inherent belief that good food should be enjoyed with good wine!

Join your fellow incentive travellers for a day of exhilaration and adventure! Your day begins when you board your waiting 4WD's driven by a local experienced driver / guide. Grid Lock - A Driving Challenge with a distinct Orientation!

Grid Lock is a team challenge event around the Queenstown Lakes & Arrowtown area, where you are involved in cracking the clues and finding the answers. A combination of reading maps, orientation, logic, cryptic and general knowledge clues are given; and your answers are required to help find the next geographic location in the area.

Your adventure will lead you to Skippers Road, a legendary dirt road, hand carved out of solid rock during the gold rush period. It looks fit for one-way traffic only, but there is two-way traffic and its windy tracks, steep gradients and extreme drops on either side of the road, make this journey a complete thrill!

We take this route, with outstanding views at every hairpin turn, across the spectacular Skippers suspension bridge to the old township of Skippers for lunch. Results and prize giving are held prior to a relaxed BBQ luncheon, where stories will be swapped and tales told of this morning's adventure.

Skippers Canyon never fails to amaze visitors, by both the manmade and natural features of this unusual landscape. Following lunch, we take on the speed and excitement, combined with spectacular river scenery as we jet boat down the river, returning to Queenstown.

Rotorua is one of the most famous destinations in New Zealand, and has a long history of welcoming visitors. From the moment people arrive in Rotorua they know they're somewhere quite different. There is a scent of sulphur in the air and at nearby geothermal hotspots there are spouting geysers, acrid-smelling mud pools bubbling and belching; and warm geothermal pools & ponds that create a kaleidoscope of colour.

Within the District itself, most attractions are based around its two greatest assets - geothermal features and the lakes. Both are directly attributable to continuing volcanic activity, which has formed and reformed the landscape. At around 300 metres above sea level, the District is located on the Volcanic Plateau, and geological records show that there has been ceaseless activity in this area for millennia, ranging from minor hot springs, through to huge prehistoric ignimbritic flows, which smothered the entire landscape.

Rotorua is also the heartland of New Zealand's Maori culture. Enveloping warmth, a proud spirit, a deep sense of history and a quick humour - you'll find all these qualities in your experiences with Maori culture.

New Zealand relies heavily on its sheep as a major source of income. Visit the world famous Agrodome where you can watch a sheep shearing display and sheepdog trials, feed baby lambs, or try your hand at milking a cow.

Enjoy lunch at Rainbow Springs, before exploring Rainbow Springs crystal clear pools, aviaries, and New Zealand's native &introduced flora and fauna.

In the afternoon explore Rotorua's geothermal attractions. View towering geysers erupting majestically to huge heights. Experience the power of violently boiling pools of mud and be amazed at the huge steamy volcanic craters. Colours unimaginable of every tint and hue abound pools, volcanic lakes, and even the paths you walk on, like nature's own ever-changing artists palette.

An evening Maori Concert and Hangi dinner is a unique insight into this fascinating culture. You are taken back in time to experience pre-European NZ. Walk through the forest village before its spiritual melody is broken by the blood-curdling cry of the challenge. Walk through the re-created village as it comes to life. Enjoy a traditional Maori performance before our hangi dinner. The Hangi is a mixture of lamb, kumara (sweet potato) chicken, wild game, potato, pork and beef. A deep hole dug in the ground, is lined with red-hot stones and covered with vegetation. The food is then placed on top. The whole oven is sprinkled with water and sealed with more vegetation. The hole is then filled with earth and left to steam for several hours. The end result is succulent and juicy with a subtle smoky flavour - delicious!

Mt Tarawera is New Zealand's largest volcanic eruption in living memory. Share this tribal landmark with the Ngati Rangitihi tribe, guardians of this sacred volcano. Erupting on June 10 1886, it killed over 150 people & destroyed the 8th Wonder of the World, the famous Pink & White Silica Terraces.

Today we visit the volcano and witness firsthand the devastation of this eruption. There are now nine craters, which span seven kilometres across the volcano top. Enjoy a 4WD trip to the top of the craters and a hike around the summit, taking in the spectacular views of the craters and surrounding mountains & lakes.


Suggested Sightseeing


City Sights tour of Auckland: Enjoy an orientation tour of Auckland, including the white sand beaches of Okahu Bay, Mission Bay, Kohimarama, St. Heliers, Waitemata Harbour, the Domain Parks & Gardens, Parnell and Westhaven Marina.

Sailing on Auckland Harbour: Sailing on Auckland Harbour is a "must do" activity" when visiting this city, which is known as the 'City of Sails' and 'Home of the America's Cup'. With three huge harbours and a gulf full of islands, the Auckland region is as much about the sea as it is about land. Passengers are encouraged to participate or sit back and take in the wonderful views of Auckland Harbour.

Waiheke Island: Just a 35-minute cruise from Auckland, Waiheke Island has beautiful beaches, native bush, vineyards, olive groves and laidback seaside villages. The climate of Waiheke Island, usually several degrees warmer than Auckland city, is ideal for wine production. After spending the morning exploring some of the island, visit one of the vineyards for lunch.

Waitakere Ranges & Waimauku Valley: The Waitakere Ranges are a half-hour drive from the central city. Travel along the scenic drive to Piha and visit the Arataki Visitor Centre, in the heart of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. Learn about the local history and experience the spectacular coastal views of Auckland's twin harbours. Continue to the Cascade Kauri Regional Park. Walk amongst ancient Kauri trees along the newly upgraded Montana Heritage Trail, complete with unique signage telling the intriguing heritage stories of the area.

Continue to the Waimauku Valley and have lunch at The Hunting Lodge before embarking on an idyllic afternoon of wine tasting at four top vineyards. Matua Valley, Kumeu River, Coopers Creek and West Brook are four wineries that offer a unique range of award-winning wines and visiting experiences. Enjoy the picturesque gardens, sit by a tranquil lake, peruse sculpture and above all, enjoy the fine wines these wineries produce.

Maori Arts & Crafts: Rotorua is the heartland of New Zealand's Maori culture. Discover the essence of Rotorua: its people, culture and volcanic landscape. Visit Rotorua Museum and hear the great stories, which have shaped the past and present of this unique region. Located in the world famous Bath House building, an architectural icon in itself, Rotorua Museum is the ideal start to your Rotorua adventure. Be thrilled by the cinema experience 'Rotorua Stories' and enjoy a range of dynamic exhibitions. Enter the spiritual world of the Arawa people and trace the story of the devastating 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera. Be awed by the legendary exploits of B Company of 28 Maori Battalion during World War II. Investigate the remarkable past of the Rotorua Spa. Discover why people came from all over the world to visit the 'Great South Seas Spa', as this building was once known.

At the New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute, visit the Carving School, which nurtures specially chosen individuals to begin a lifetime of learning the treasured art that preserves tribal history & genealogy through tribal carvings. The School of Weaving also ensures this ancient craft survives for future generations. Harness the energy offered by geothermal waters for bathing, cooking & therapeutic use by local Maori to create a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Silica terraces, bubbling mud pools & unique vegetation set an awesome backdrop to the world famous Pohutu Geyser.

Geothermal Wonders Of Rotorua: From the moment you enter Rotorua you know you're somewhere quite different. Sneaky threads of steam issue from parks, pathways and streets, and the occasional scent of sulphur wafts through the air. Here in Rotorua, you'll find some of the world's most incredible earth forces on display.

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland is a geothermal experience not to be missed. Nowhere else in the world can you experience the shear beauty and awesome earth power that Wai-O-Tapu has to offer. View towering geyers erupting majestically to huge heights. Experience the power of violently boiling pools of mud and be amazed at the huge steamy volcanic craters. Colours unimaginable of every tint and hue abound pools, volcanic lakes, and even the paths you walk on. See the Lady Knox geyser erupt.

Continue to Waimangu, the world's only hydrothermal system. To access this area we take a one and half hour cruise on Lake Rotomahana to the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. Witness volcanic activity seen only from the boat, on the shores of this young lake. Follow the crater walkways and inspect awe-inspiring volcanic activity & thermally adapted plants. Learn the explosive history of Waimangu. Up close there's stunning detail and phenomenal vantage points give dramatic panoramas.

White Water Rafting on the Kaituna River: Pass through steep narrow canyons, over 14 awesome drops in 55 minutes, including the world-renowned 7 metre high Tutea Falls. This trip offers it all for both first-timers and the rafting enthusiasts.

Milford Sound Day Tour: The road to Milford Sound is one of the worlds finest alpine drives. From Queenstown, the road follows Lake Wakatipu and crosses rolling farmlands to Te Anau and winds through dramatic alpine scenery. Milford Sound is the most famous and accessible of Fiordland's magnificent glacier carved fiords. Cruise Milford Sound and explore the deep blue waters, cascading waterfalls, sheer cliffs, dense rainforest, towering mountains and fascinating wildlife.

Queenstown's Awesome Foursome: This is the adrenalin capital of the world and you can experience it all in the Awesome Foursome. The ever popular adventure combo! Includes a high speed jetboat ride down the Shotover River, the ultimate 134 metre bungy jump from The Nevis Highwire, a spectacular helicopter flight and White water rafting down the Shotover River.

4WD Adventure to Skippers Canyon: Visitors to this area never fail to be amazed by both the manmade and natural features of this unusual landscape. Following the Shotover River valley, the Skippers Road was hacked by hand through solid rock and clings to sheer cliffsides with breathtaking drops into the river gorge below. We take this route, with outstanding views at every hairpin turn, across the spectacular Skippers suspension bridge built in the 1900's, to the old township of Skippers.

Jetboating on the Dart River: This is a true wilderness experience. A journey of discovery, ancient forests, cascading waterfalls, New Zealand wilderness at it's best. Jetboat both ways on the upper reaches of the Dart River and one way on the lower reaches. 4WD coach one-way between Glenorchy & Paradise, and enjoy a short, guided forest walk.

For the Adventurous


BridgeClimb is a small group adventure offering the ultimate experience of Auckland with a two and a half hour guided climb to the summit of the Auckland Bridge. Join the professional tour leaders for a 65m fun-filled climb and take in the 360 views from the summit. This is one of Auckland's "must do" activities.

Sailing Regatta
Down at Westhaven the halyards slap musically against hundreds of eager masts. Here the yachts and launches wait, hoping they'll get to stretch their legs on Auckland's extraordinary marine playground. Auckland is known as the city of sails and has the highest level of boat ownership of any city in the world. Cruising grounds of the Hauraki Gulf are vast and the islands dotted around make for some beautiful sailing.

Canyoning Journey down steep mountain streams set amongst the stunning and unique landscape of the Waitakere Ranges. As part of your canyoning experience you will abseil under waterfalls, water slide into hidden pools and cave into mysterious water sculptured gorges.


White Water Rafting
Travelling down the rapids of the Shotover or Kawarau Rivers is not for the faint-hearted, but the adrenalin-pumping thrill of paddling through and over the turbulent white waters is incomparable.

Milford Sound
Discover the magic and majesty of Milford Sound. Few who discover its magic and majesty fail to be inspired. It is the northern most of Fiordland's ice formed fiords and is undoubtedly the most dramatic, with its cascading waterfalls, luxuriant forest and the noble heights of Mitre Peak rising one full mile out of the water.

Fishing in this region is excellent, for salmon and huge brown and rainbow trout. Cast your hook from a boat on Lake Wakatipu, from the banks of the Kawarau River, in Mike Lake or Lake Hayes, not to mention the fly and spinner fishing available.


Theme Party Ideas For Incentives


Arrowtown's History Alive is an experience like no other – take your guests a step back in time to the magic of the gold rush era. Enjoy gourmet cuisine and interactive entertainment set against the stunning backdrop of an enchanting township, rich in both history and natural beauty. This is a unique entertainment experience where groups join the locals and 'experience a gold mining town' for a truly memorable evening.

Themed Dinner at the Moonlight Country Barn: Moonlight Country Barn is nestled on a beautiful 320 hectare (800 acre) working farm and can be transformed into any dining theme that you can imagine! Rural, Lord of the Rings (Middle Earth), M.A.S.H, Night of a Thousand Stars, Gold Rush, Golden Awards Evenings, Mid Winter Wonderland, New Zealand Culture, Sophistication & Elegance, Decadence & tête-à-tête. The farm’s animals can be used if suitable and a truly memorable evening can be created!


Dinner at Auckland Museum: Standing in the heart of Auckland Domain and occupying one of New Zealand’s finest heritage buildings, the Museum provides an elegant backdrop for events. The Grand Foyer with dramatic columns and ornate stained glass ceiling is a stylish location for seated dinners. Inside the Museum, lighting and entertainment can be used to create a contemporary New Zealand theme.

Dinner at Sky Tower: At 328 metres high, Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere, offering unrivalled views of Auckland city and the surrounding harbour. The group can relax and enjoy the spectacular views of Auckland while dining.


Maori Dinner Experience: The guests are lead into a rustic, exclusive themed setting and welcomed by an entire cast of Traditional Maori dancers and Warriors – all performing a Haka Powhiri for the group as they enter the building. Once seated inside, the cultural group can perform a selection of war dances and cultural songs for guests before their meal of either a traditional Hangi meal (Maori BBQ cooked in the earth) or an indigenously inspired, three course plated meal.

Dinner at a Vineyard: New Zealand produces a full range of favoured wine styles from full-bodied reds and deep fruity whites through to sparkling, dessert and fortified styles. The combination of gourmet food, sophisticated event decoration, entertainment and wine from the surrounding fields, together with fantastic views can make a memorable night for your group.


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