St. Lucia - #LetHerInspireYou

Visited by Nikki

The first thing that strikes you about the island when you arrive, is what calm, relaxed yet efficient people the St. Lucians are.  Even the customs officer is polite and everyone seems to take genuine pleasure in making sure you enjoy yourself.

The climate doesn't radically change averaging between 80-90° year round, it rains nearly every night and the sun shines nearly every day, paradise! With enough choice of hotel properties, interesting sightseeing and good restaurants to offer a combination of relaxation and activity to please most, if not all, clients, the idea of a Caribbean paradise is to unwind and recharge your batteries for your return to the UK. 

I may be biased, but I feel that the understanding of the needs of our market shown to me by our DMC, Barefoot DMC St. Lucia would make me feel very confident and very relaxed about recommending St. Lucia to even the most demanding client. Enjoy my Destination Update my trip to St. Lucia -  Destination Update

This visit was brought to you by our DMC, Barefoot DMC St. Lucia