Our Sustainable and Carbon-friendly Approach

To offer unbiased advice and a selection of carbon-friendly options to our clients when planning meetings worldwide.

We offer unique ways for our clients to succeed over and above their competitors and give back to the world through our own current commitment to sustainability:

  • Providing carbon-neutral ideas offered by our DMCs in our web-based sample programmes.
  • Incorporating CSR elements into DMC programmes by offering alternative and carbon-friendly transport options and trips that are conducted in unblemished, natural and off-the-beaten-track environments.
  • We support local and national children charities.
  • We try to be as web-based as possible and function as an almost paperless office, by sending just 1 brochure per year to our clients. Our brochure is also available on our website.
  • We recycle all our paper, cardboard, cartridges, glass and plastic.
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs and ensure we are also efficient with all electrical appliances.
  • Whenever possible destinations UNLIMITED operates a car share scheme or uses public transport / walk.
  • As part of our CSR policy we consider the health and safety of all employees.

Clients are encouraged from the outset to create a programme or meeting which is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Here are some ideas to help make your next event more sustainable:

  • Utilise sustainable materials for literature
  • Choose venues & hotels with good green credentials
  • Make use of the facilities to web-market a campaign promoting the incentive / meeting
  • Wherever possible encourage the use of train travel for city destination movements
  • Encourage the use of environmental & CSR activities when creating a programme
  • Consider the recycling of products purchased for the length of the programme / meeting or by leaving them behind for the community
  • Use venues close to your hotel
  • Use transportation companies that offset Carbon Emissions
  • Donate leftover food
  • Ask your hotel what they are doing to be more sustainable – i.e. recycling, do they source food & beverages locally to save fuel costs, use energy efficient light bulbs, ask for linen to be cleaned when requested and soap, shampoo to be replaced only when finished. Also check what their emission reductions policy is and how do they measure waste output?
  • Avoid using Plastics
  • Cut down on disposables and items with packaging and use water jugs etc. instead
  • Use recyclable name badges and re-use after your event
  • Use potted plants rather than fresh flowers
  • Use recyclable promotional products
  • Advise guests to turn off lights and air conditioners in their hotel rooms.
  • Cut down on paper handouts
  • Minimise packaging